The growth of entrepreneurship in Asia has driven huge impact to the society since 2010. More countries and cities encourage innovation and empower startups. A healthy startup ecosystem requires various ingredients. Incubator, accelerator and coworking space are soil for startups to build a foundation; mentors and trainers are farmers; investors and professionals are fertilisers.

The questions are: Where can we find those ingredients? How can we bring all ingredients together?

We believe in building connections, not just a contact on your phone book.

We inspire and support each other.

We encourage the exchange of expertise and resources.


President's Message

The future of economy is driven by startups and entrepreneurs. The growth of startup ecosystem has been phenomenal, especially in the Asia Pacific region. I have been traveling frequently, and exchanging ideas with entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators, investors as well as business leaders in the region. One common “aha moment” is “we can make a stronger impact if we get connected.”

Many incubation and acceleration programs share the same vision and mission; many experienced professionals are eager to serve as mentors and advisors; many funding and investment opportunities are hidden in the region. Starting with a global vision, connecting the resources and ecosystems in the local market and across the region will generate new opportunities.

The establishment of Connector is to connect the right resources to the right people. We nurture partnership with the right partners and organisations. We aim to unlock the potential of untapped resources and connections, facilitate connection and communication, hence build a stronger community in the region.

Let’s get connected and unlock the potential.



“Connect the right resources to the right people”

Connector brings the right resources and talents together. We offer an open platform for startups, entrepreneurs and other passionate individuals without geographical and industry boundary. We encourage new ideas and new connections. We strive for strongly connected community for startups and entrepreneurs to thrive.


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Connector | Connect the right resources to the right people